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The Founder and the Chairman Shri.Rtn.PHF.S.Chidambaram, Who is a renowned person in karur....

Admission is opened for Pre K.G to +1 std in the academic year 2016- 2017 in our school....

Sri Meenakshi Matric Higher Secondary School is functioning in a newly built pucca building....

"Our School 9th Annual Day was celebrated on 08.03.2015 at our School Campus"

Welcome to Sri Meenakshi Matric Higher Secondary School

“Education is the Manifestation of what is already in man” In accordance with the famous saying of Vivekandar we feel every individual has his or her talents hidden in them keeping this fact in mind our school is for closely proposed to strive to bring out the hidden abilities of our Students.

Our School motto exhibited in the school emblem clearly shows that we make the students first to learn what they have to clear then they are made to share what they have learnt with their friends and thereby they not only grow by themselves but also make others go along with them (i.e.) our symbol

Our Institution is in infant stage stepping in the path of growing with the following classes Pre.K.G to X Knowing fully well the needs of a school which is to give not only the quality education but also mould every student to be a good citizen we have pucca building with spacious Class rooms along with fully equipped Science Lab as well as Computer Lab. To put forth in modern technique in importing education in young minds, we have home theatre in which students are utilizing the CD programms by audio and video facility that all available in our home theatre.

Another important feature is the best school is to have a good library with store of book which are store of knowledge our library contains books of various types that are suitable for the learners and our students have perfect liberty to use the library. Our library has pervading magazines and news papers also.

“A sound, mind in a sound body”

Keeping this saying in mind we have vast area as play ground making the students to play various games especially for kind we have see saw, swing, merry-go-round.